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Hey there, my name is Jason Bracht. 

I am an online entrepreneur and have been full time for the past 8 years. You may have noticed the handsome little boy in the picture. That's my son Alex. He is the reason I do what I do. Creating online businesses allow me to spend my time with him, traveling, and pursuing other things that I love to do. 

I have had some success....but there is much more room to improve. 

That's why I have put my neck on the line and created this blog and my podcast "The Million Dollar Journey" 

My goal is to create a multi-million dollar online business and document every step of the journey along the way. You can subscribe to my iTunes podcast and follow every step of my journey.

By doing this I hope to INSPIRE YOU and TEACH YOU at the same time. Many marketers simply regurgitate the same tired maxims over and over, without really taking you in the trenches and showing you what it takes to build a successful business. I want to change that and be 100% transparent along the way.

Before you go....

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I put this training together to arm you with all the knowledge and tools I wish I had when I first got started. 

Talk Soon,
Jason Bracht

"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
- Robert G Ingersoll - 
Step 1: Join the Hustle Project
I created the Hustle Project Facebook mastermind group as a way for passionate entrepreneurs to connect and share ideas. 

Today we have thousands of like minded people in the group helping each other make more money and accomplish their goals. 

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If you stuck and looking for ways to generate passive income this book can help. I have put together a list of 37 great passive income opportunities you can use to start generating passive income online today.

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