I have been fortunate to make my living running online businesses for the past 10 years. Over that time I have tried and tested hundreds of products, software, and services. My goal here is to shorten the learning curve for YOU and provide you with tools that work. What follows is the BEST of the BEST.

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning that I get a small commission if you purchase that product or service (at no extra cost to you.) Affiliate commissions help support this blog and allow me to keep providing new material for you. Rest assured, anything listed below are resources that I personally use and benefit. 

Most Recommended

Click Funnels –  If you reading this right now, you probably need Clickfunnels. This powerful software can be used to do many essential things. Including effortlessly creating high converting sales funnels, membership sites, optin pages and so much more. I use Clickfunnels everyday and it powers almost every aspect of my business.

Shopify – I use Shopify to run all my e-commerce stores. I've sold millions of dollars worth of products on this platform and they are by far the best in the industry. If you have any aspirations of opening up a store I highly suggest you use Shopify. Click on the link and you can start a 14 day free trial.

Kajabi – Do you have aspirations of starting your own online course? If you do, then Kajabi is place to go. Kajabi allows me to host my online school The Level Up Academy, and provide my students a great place to learn.

Website Hosting

Host Gator – I use Host Gator to host every website I own and also buy my domains through them. Their customer service is top notch and they have very affordable pricing options.

Outsourcing & Freelancers

Upwork – I use Upwork to hire high quality freelancers for every aspect of my business. It allows me to get more done and leverage the tasks I'm best at.

Fiverr – You can use Fiverr to hire people around the world to complete various gigs for $5 and up. I use Fiverr for graphic design, book formatting, logos, and a lot of other things.

Equipment & Software

Camtasia – When I'm working on my PC I use Camtasia to record my screen and teach lessons. I also use it to edit my Youtube videos.

Screenflow – If I'm using my Macbook Pro I use Screen flow. It also allows me to record my screen and edit videos.

Sony A5000 Camera – My sony A5000 camera is my go to when I'm recording pretty my anything. It's a great vlogging camera and also takes high quality pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – This my change but as of this writing (12/17) I am running with a Galaxy S8. It takes amazing pictures/videos and also allows me to run my business remotely.

Blogging Tools

WordPress – WordPress allows me to run this blog and any other niche sites I run. It has limitless options and can allow you to get your message out to the world.

X Theme – I use X Theme to power this blog. You can customize it to look pretty much however you want and it looks great on all devices.


ABC Mouse – This online learn software is wonderful children under 6. I use it daily with my 4 year old son.

Snuza – If you have a new born baby this device is highly recommended. Simply clip on your babies diaper when they are sleeping and it will track their sleep patterns. This is important to help alert you in case your baby has difficulty breathing.

Financial Tools

Mint – This tool allows you to view all your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans in one place. Makes it super easy as a business owner to keep tabs on your finances.

Qapital – Saving money can be hard. I use Qapital to automatically round up any purchases I make to the nearest dollar and so far have save over $300 in only a few months.

Acorns – This free app is similar to Qapital except Acorns rounds invests your money in the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF which aims to replicate the S&P 500. I simply round my purchases up to the nearest dollar and add $100 a month. Investing is easy when you don't actually “see the money” first.

Productivity & Time Management

Evernote – An awesome tool to take notes and manage all aspects of your life. I use Evernote daily.

Wunderlist – This is the app I use to manage all of my to do lists.

Health & Fitness

Schwinn Airdyne – This “old school” exercise bike is the ultimate calorie burner. I use it to improve my cardiovascular conditioning and maintain my Dad bod.

Green Vibrance – I've been using Green Vibrance for the past 7 years daily. It's a powdered green superfood drink packed with tons of good vitamins and minerals.

Aicok Juicer – Funny name, but for just $99 this juicer produces the same quality and quantity of juice as my $400 Omega juice I used to own.

Vitamix Blender – The Vitamix is a one stop total nutrition machine. I typically use it to make smoothies and blend up batter for my protein banana pancakes.

Animal Pak – These vitamins are a staple in my daily routine. As entrepreneurs it's important that we are running in peak physical condition.

Programs & Events

Unleash the Power Within – I attended Tony Robbin's UPW Chicago in 2015. This is Tony's flagship program and can be a transformational experience for many that attend it.

Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Dotcom Secrets – This book has everything you need to know about making money online. End of story. If you are new to online marketing this book should be required reading.

Expert Secrets – Another book by super entrepreneur Russell Brunson. In this book he shows you how to use your skills and talents to build a following and become an expert in your field.

My Top 100 Books – I have compiled a list of my Top 100 books on this site. Books are the lowest cost but highest return on investment that a person can buy. A book that cost's $10 or less has the ability to change your live forever.

Motivation & Inspiration

Tony Robbins – I first started listening to Tony Robbins CD's when I was 18. His material changed my life.

Eric Thomas – ET the Hip Hop preacher is one of best motivational speakers in the world. If you are feeling down and need a swift kick in the ass check out his Youtube channel.