How Long is Your…

Here is another question from our YouTube channel. How long is my….ebooks!

What is the average length of your ebooks? I see many in the 25 page range, and I’m surprised they sell at all, but go figure. Am re-writing an old book of mine which was only 100 page at the time, but am shortening it down to 90. Good quality book in my opinion. I had original in some major bookstores and it sold…got good reviews on Amazon. New version is turning out to be quite different but along the same lines in terms of theme. What is your suggested price point?


As a Teacher, How Can I Sell More Ebooks?

One of the questions on our YouTube channels was:

I have more books on CreateSpace than Kindle, and I am lucky if I sell 1 a month. How would you advise getting educational materials for teachers to use in the classroom to where people actually find them? Everyone we’ve given them to loves them, but no one is ever going to find them in a Amazon search.

Here are my tips for selling on this niche.