The Beginning of a Million Dollar Journey

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey podcast.

This is the beginning of my journey to becoming a millionaire.

My name is Jason Bracht and I live in Fort Wayne Indiana. My goal during this audio/video podcast is to document the entire journey on what exactly it takes to become a multi millionaire. The primary way I plan to do this is through online marketing. I will be laying out my exact blueprint in the next episode.

Why do this? Well, often times we only learn about the journey after the fact. My goal is to let you ride shotgun and experience the victories and defeats I experience along the way. Hopefully it inspires you to take on your own #milliondollarjourney

The plan is to release these in audio and video. If you want to watch me you can check them out over on my Youtube channel.

Anyways…check out the episode and drop a comment below on what you think.