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My Blueprint for Creating a Million Dollar Business

Welcome to episode 2 of “Million Dollar Journey.” In this episode I'm going to lay out my exact plan for creating a million dollar online business. Everything I do will revolve around creating valuable free content and pumping value into my community. In order to make 1 million dollars you must give 10 million dollars of value. Make sure to listen to the episode for the rest of the plan.

I also discuss how eating healthy, working out, and getting the proper amount of sleep will be vital for my success.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Clickfunnels – The backbone of my entire online business

Shopify – How I plan selling merchandise to my followers

Think & Grow Rich – One of my all time favorite books.

P.S. – This blog is still under construction as I am putting the finishing touches on it. Make sure you bookmark it and check back often.